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Children and ATV's

While spending a fair bit of time hoofing it on our roads over the last year, it has not gone unnoticed that there are more and more ATV's and dirt bikes using our roads. We have, in the past, cautioned people about proper use of their off road vehicles and keeping the speed down as the roads carry all types of traffic including truck, cars, bicycles and walkers. What is alarming are the number of children under the legal age of 16 operating motorized vehicles on these roads with no adult supervision. As we can not hope to see the RCMP out here policing our roads, one can only hope that parents who allow their children out on the roads like this will wake up before something disastrous happens. Parents, you are responsible for your children and if they are hurt or worse, or if they cause an accident that injures someone else, you will be the ones who suffer. Protect your children! Our roads may be private, but the law states that if a motor bike or ATV is not on your property, it must be licensed and insured and no child under the age of 16 should be riding these roads unsupervised.

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