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The trees that surround us are a critical part of our ecosystem, protecting our shorelines, preventing erosion, providing habitat for wildlife, and ensuring shade and beauty for all to enjoy.


While the selective removal of trees is required for a number of reasons, the clear-cutting of trees, and removal or trees from the shoreline is strongly discouraged and goes against the grain of proper stewardship as well as the areas covenants.


Ever wonder what type of trees are on your property?  The province has created an interactive guide to help you easily identify the types of trees in our Acadian Forests.

Forest Management

Mature pine tree growing in the Knox Conservation Lands.  Photo: Garry Conway

Chainsaws are arguably the most dangerous power hand tool you can use.  Please follow safe use practices.  Check out these videos for great tips and safety practices.

When burning please first check the Nova Scotia Burning Restrictions site first.  

Here are some tips to consider also, to protect your property.



  • Road width – wide enough for two way traffic or at least pull over spots to let vehicles pass

  • Road clearance – brush if cut along roadways must not be piled within 50 ft. of the travelled portion of any public road

  • Provide a key for any locked gates to either a designated person or local fire department

  • Bridges should be weight restricted for large trucks like fire apparatus.

  • Mow grass, rake leaves and remove any dead/dying vegetation within 30 metres of your home/cottage.

  • Clean gutters regularly

  • Screen in around any spark emitting devices, chimneys, burn barrels.

  • Camp fires, burn barrels or any area used in burning should be clear and free of flammable material  ( vegetation, structures etc) 10 metres in diameter and above the appliance.

  • Use fire resistive landscape plants and building materials when renovating.

  • Prune trees up to 8ft high, and space softwoods out to prevent fire spread from surface to tree top.

  • Promote mixed wood or hardwood species within 30 metres of homes/cottages.

  • Make sure civic signs and road names are in place.


There is so much more information which can be found at

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