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Photo: Garry Conway

Nature Reserves

The Nature Trust ( is pleased to have protected 2 properties on Molega Lake for their outstanding nature conservation value. The Knox Conservation Lands were protected in 2006 thanks to many supporters, including Molega Lake property owners who made critical donations. The site supports TWO nationally at-risk species: a rare plant called Redroot, and Eastern Ribbonsnake. Conservation by the Nature Trust means the habitat for these species at the site will be protected from degradation or destruction, which are threats to the recovery of both species. The site has been, and will continue to be stewarded annually, for both wildlife and people to enjoy.


The Nature Trust has also protected, in partnership with another local landowner, a second site on Molega Lake. The property’s conservation values are protected through a conservation easement between the landowner and the Nature Trust, which ensures its formal, permanent protection from development, and its on-going stewardship. Because the property continues to be in private ownership, the Nature Trust does not publicly share its location.


The special, rare flora of Molega Lake has prompted another organization with a nature conservation mandate to take the important step of permanently protecting key sites as well. Several small properties, including 2 islands, on Molega Lake have been designated as part of the Ponhook Lake Nature Reserve (spans both lakes). These are pieces of provincial Crown Land with additonal legal protection because of their significance for biodiversity conservation in the province. To further meet provincial conservation goals, the Province has proposed several more parcels on Molega Lake (and Ponhook Lake) for Nature Reserve designation through its Parks and Protected Area System Plan (this includes the goal to formally protect 12% of Nova Scotia’s land mass by the end of 2015). To learn more about these parcels, please visit Nova Scotia Environment’s interactive map:

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