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Photo: Garry Conway

Green Spaces

GMLLOA - Green Spaces Policy Draft


Greenspaces are categorized as either Active, or Passive Greenspaces.


Passive Greenspaces: Greenspaces that are untouched, undeveloped, and in their natural state


Active Greenspaces: Greenspaces that are developed with approval by the GMLLOA board with services for association members.  These services may include boat launches, walking trails, or beaches. 


Passive Greenspaces Policies:


  • Development or altering of the land or trees is prohibited unless a Development Plan is approved by the GMLLOA Board

  • Use of the land is at your own risk

  • No open fires

  • No hunting

  • No motorized vehicles

  • No littering

  • Adhere to all municipal and provincial laws and bylaws

  • Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints



Active Greenspaces Policies:


Boat Launches:

  • Use of any boat launching area is at your own risk

  • No parking areas are provided at the boat launches, so please arrange to move your vehicle and trailer once the boat is launched

  • No overnight storage of boats is permitted



  • Swimming is at your own risk - beaches are not supervised

  • No overnight camping

  • No motorized vehicles allowed.

  • No leaving any items on beach overnight.

  • Dogs on beach must be on a leash.

  • Please pick up after your dog.

  • No fires allowed.

  • No littering. If you bring it in, take it back out.

  • Adhere to all municipal and provincial laws and bylaws

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