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FireSmart Wildfire Assessment - Molega North Shore 2023

FireSmart Canada’s Neighbourhood Recognition Program teaches people how to live with wildfire and increase their home’s chance of survival through proactive actions, while encouraging neighbours to work together to reduce losses and damage. The Neighbourhood Wildfire Hazard Assessment is an important step in the FireSmart neighbourhood recognition process. It’s a tool to help neighbourhood residents understand their wildfire hazard and how to reduce it.

Research has shown embers (burning pieces of airborne wood and/or vegetation that can be carried up to two kilometres by the wind) and small surface fires to be the primary source of home ignitions during wildfires.


Residents must prepare their home to withstand embers and minimize the likelihood of flames or surface fire touching the home or any attachments. This can be accomplished by choosing ignition-resistant building materials and construction techniques and limiting the amount of flammable vegetation in the three home ignition zones that surround each home. Periodic maintenance of vegetation is also important.

To read the full assessment click on the FireSmart logo.

FireSmart home ignition zone.png
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