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Website Credits


The GMLLOA is an association driven by volunteers, and the effort behind this website was no exception!  I'd like to thank the members of the website committee for their contribution of time, effort, content, and photos towards creating this webpage:


Michael Bird

Garry Conway

Glenn Hines

Nancy Kenz


Specific photo credits are shared throughout the site.  Banner photos credits are as follows:


Eagle - Garry Conway

Snowy Road - Nancy Kenz

Sunset - Nancy Kenz

Green Marsh - Garry Conway

Sunset Canoe - Nancy Kenz


If there is something you would like to see added to the website, please let us know via the form below.  In addition to the new website, please check out our new social media sites.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and share your photos and stories from your time in cottage country! 




Dwayne Primeau - Web Committe Chair/ Web Designer

Atlantis Fritillary on Swamp Milkweed

Photo: Garry Conway

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