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Launches, Beaches, and more!

Please use the Google Map on this page to find the locations of boat launch areas, beaches, bridges, garbage and recycling sites, identified hazards to navigation, or to share great fishing spots!  This Google Map can be edited allowing you to add rocks or navigation hazards you encountered.  Please be kind and do not remove from the map and only add accurate, appropriate information.


Please note that this is not an official chart and should not be used for navigation purposes.  GMLLOA bears no responsibility for your use of this map.  Use of any boat launching area is at the risk of the user.


No parking areas are provided at the boat launches, so please arrange to move your vehicle and trailer once the boat is launched.

For any beach areas, we are posting some basic rules of use. Swimming is at your own risk and there are no washroom facilities. Please respect these rules so that all  members may enjoy these areas.

1. No overnight camping

2. No motorized vehicles allowed.

3. No leaving any items on beach overnight.

4. Dogs on beach must be on a leash.

5. Please pick up after your dog.

6. No fires allowed.

7. No littering. If you bring it in, take it back out.

8. Do not use the beach, the area around it or the water to pee!

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