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Photo: Michael Bird

Our Lakes


The Molega/ Ponhook watershed area is made up of beautiful and pristine lakes ideal for boating, swimming, fishing, sailing and many water activities.  Below is a list of the lakes accessible through association lands.  Where available links to Nova Scotia Fisheries charts with rough estimates of depth for each lake are provided.


Molega Lake is a 19km long lake with many inlets, islands and beaches to explore. 

Ponhook Lake is another large lake with many undeveloped islands, coves and beaches.


Annis Lake is a spring fed lake known for clean clear water. 


Black Rattle Lake is a popular swimming spot known for warm temperatures.


Beaverdam Lake is a popular canoeing destination fed through a stream from Black Rattle Lake.


Beavertail Basin is a 3km long lake accesible from Molega below the Narrows Road causeway.  The passage is large enough even for pontoon boats - just watch the water level!


Hidden Lake is a popular fishing spot for trout.  We'll keep its secret and let you find it on your own :)




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