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Things To Do

Website links for Events and Things To Do near the Greater Molega Lake Lot Owners Area.
The links include; Theatres, Music Events, Festivals, Exhibitions, Sports and Recreation within about a 2 hour drive from GMLLOA.

General Events Listings

Nova Scotia Tourism

Lunenburg County - General events listings:

Annapolis Valley - General up to date events listings:

South Shore Connect - General events listings including hiking trails, culture events, social and sports:


Annapolis Royal -  Kings Theatre for live theatre performances and music:

Chester - Chester Play House theatre for live theatre performances and music

Liverpool - The Astor Theatre, or live theatre performances and music:

Festivals and Exhibitions

Bridgewater - South Shore Exhibition

Lunenberg Folk Harbour Festival

Wolfville - Deep Roots Music Festival

Shelburne - Whirligigfestival:

Farmers Markets

Queens County Farmers Market (Caledonia)

Annapolis Royal Farmers Market

Bridgewater Farmers Market

Liverpool Farmers Market

Lunenberg Farmers Market

Additional listings will be added, if you would like to suggest additional listings please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the screen.

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