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The Greater Molega Lake Lot Owners Association is an incorporated non-profit organization, chartered in the Province of Nova Scotia in February 1977. The Association originally represented the owners of the approximately 1300 lots sold in the LaBelle and New Elm areas of Queens County, Nova Scotia by the land sales companies Natural Retreats of Nova Scotia Limited, Lakeland Sales Limited, Beavercove Estates Limited, Tri-Lake Campgrounds Limited, Twin Lake Estates Limited, and Lakeland Retreats of Nova Scotia Limited. Over the years lots have been amalgamated by some owners and there are now approximately 1136 properties.


In 1977, the Association was given legal title to all roads and green areas in the sub-division developed by the above named companies. The area is collectively known as Lakeland Retreats.


The Association represents the largest recreational land development in the Atlantic Provinces covering approximately 3000 acres on the shores of Ponhook, Molega, Beaverdam, Annis, Hidden, Beavertail, and Black Rattle Lakes. The Association currently consists of:


  • 63 Permanent Residents,

  • 413 Seasonal owners, from Canada, the U.S., and Europe,

  • 660 Properties, undeveloped,

  • 13 boat launches with access to all lakes,

  • 5 public beaches.

Photo: Garry Conway

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