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Photo: Garry Conway

Landowners Guides

The Mersey Tobeatic Conservation Institute has created an excellent guide sharing best practices for landowners to help maintain health lakes and protect at risk species.  Access the Guide here: The Landowners Stewardship Guide


Top 10 Ways You Can Help


  • Maintain the natural vegetation around the lake shorelines and wetlands on your land

  • Keep off-highway vehicles out of sensitive habitats

  • Watch for wildlife when boating and driving

  • Report sightings: 1-866-727-3447 or

  • Tell friends, family, and neighbours what you are doing and how they can help

  • Plant native species only, and reduce or eliminate your lawn

  • Get involved and contribute towards recovery efforts

  • Build docks that minimize impacts to the lake shoreline and water quality

  • Keep your sewage system well maintained

  • Eliminate pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizer use


Cottage Link Magazine has published an excellent guide for maintaining a healthy shoreline.  Access the article here:

Photographs of a few endangered species that have been found in the GMLLOA area.

Blanding's Turtle

Golden Crest - There are only seven lakes in Canada where this plant is found and they include both Molega Lake and Ponhook Lake

Photos: Garry Conway

Eastern Ribbonsnake


Redroot Flower

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