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Off Road Vehicle Violations

It was reported at the Annual General Meeting that off road vehicles are becoming more prevalent on association roads and some issues were raised. First of all, it is the law in Nova Scotia that your OHV must be licensed and insured if you go off your property with it and that means when you travel on our roads as well.

The following is some information on who you can contact to report any violations(ie underage drivers, unsafe operation, property damage caused by an OHV, etc):

Contact 1-800-565-2224, this is a 24/7 emergency contact line for reporting violations. The individuals answering the calls are our radio operators so they will be able to contact a conservation officer if any are available and if none are available then RCMP will be contacted to respond depending on the violation. All reports get placed on our database, and if no one from Environment can respond right of way then the report will sit Unassigned and the next available officer will pick up the file. Residents/cottage owners can report violations and leave their name and contact info or they can remain anonymous. The more detailed the information is: OHV plate numbers, description of the ATV/side by sides, colour, make, number of passengers, dates and times, etc. the better chance they can apprehend the offenders.

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