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GMLLOA - Expansion of Winter Snow Clearing on the North and South Shore

Over the past few years, we’ve experienced significant increases in the year-round use of the GMLLOA roads. We’ve expanded our winter clearing considerably on the south shore, such that we’re now clearing the vast majority of the inhabited roads. On the north shore, we have never offered winter clearing service, however there is demand, proven by the fact a number of members are pooling resources to pay a contractor directly.

Based on these factors, we’ve decided that now is the time to expand our winter clearing services universally to all roads, north and south, that have developed properties. This will ensure we’re providing equal and fair services to all members, will simplify our rates and billing, will offer the opportunity for reduced insurance costs for members, and will ensure emergency service vehicles can reach our members 12 months a year.

We are in the process of finalizing the contractor agreement with J.G. Lewis Contracting to continue to deliver snow clearing services to the North Shore, contracted and paid for by the GMLLOA for this coming winter season. If you had been paying George directly, you will no longer need to do so - he will be paid directly by the association.

We have engaged Shawn Rawding to continue providing winter services on the south shore.

The rate change to bring this enhanced service is relatively small. The current rate for association fees for a seasonal cottage lot on the north shore (or any seasonal cottage previously not on a plowing route) is $266.00/ year + tax. The new rate, including winter clearing services is $355.00 + tax. We recommend that all members contact your property insurance provider to advise of the change that your cottage is now accessible year round. We have been told this change will likely result in an insurance savings that exceeds the rate increase.

Any snowfall greater than 4” will be plowed, and the roads that will be plowed are those required to access any property with a structure - as defined in our Fee Structure. Sanding of icy roads will be done at the discretion of the road committee to promote safe passage. Your north shore road chairperson is Randall Knox or designate. Your south shore road chairperson is Harvey Banek, or designate.

If you have any questions please contact Drive safely this winter!

Dwayne Primeau

GMLLOA President


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