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Blue-Green Algae Confirmed in Molega Lake (June 23, 2023)

The government of Nova Scotia has confirmed the presence of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) in Molega Lake. The toxins in the algae can make people sick and be fatal for pets if ingested.

There are several areas at the west end of Molega lake. It was also reported at Beavertail Basin although not yet confirmed. During this time you should not use lake water for swimming or other uses that would put people in contact with the water - for more details visit:

There is hope that the rain coming this weekend might break up the algae and cool the lake water which might help solve the problem. The Dept. of the Environment will take the notice off its website when it has cleared up.

It is really important that people do not use fertilizers near the lake or any waterways such as rivers or brooks.


According to the government of Nova Scotia, when blue-green algae is present:

  • don’t drink, swim, bathe, shower or brush your teeth with the water

  • don’t allow children, pets or livestock to drink or swim in the water

  • if you come in contact with blue-green algae, wash yourself and any items that came in contact

  • use alternative water sources for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and watering vegetables (contaminated water isn’t safe even if it’s boiled, filtered in a jug or pitcher or treated with bleach, herbicides, copper sulfate or other algicides)

  • be careful with recreational water activities that generate spray (like boating) because the toxins can be inhaled

  • be careful when eating fish caught in water where blue-green algae blooms occur (do not eat the liver, kidneys or other organs because the toxins can be stored there)

  • if you get sick, seek medical attention

  • if your pet ingests blue-green algae, contact a veterinarian immediately


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